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Date of lessons

Apulia: Courses are held all year round.

Norman: Courses are held from September to April.

Casa delle Culture: Courses are not held during national Holidays.

Prices of the courses

General Italian courses

1 week (15h) 230€ – $300
1 week (20h) 290€ – $400
2 weeks (30h) 450€ – $510
2 weeks (40h) 520€ – $680

Individual Italian courses (ITA/USA)

10h 1 student 300€ – $350
10h 2 students 240€ – $250 (each)
15h 1 student 390€ – $450
15h 2 students 330€ – $375 (each)

Italian language exams CELI – CILS

10h 1 student 350€ – $380
20h 1 student 640€ – $700

Online courses

1 ora 25€ – $35
10h 250€ – $350

Cooking courses – Le mani in pasta

1 week 765€ – $970
10h of lessons in Italian 180€ – $250
9h of cooking lessons 585€ – $720
1 day cooking lesson (3h) 150€ – $180

Special course: Tutor course

1 week 1 student 1.250€ – $2.500

Special course: Italian out and about

1 week (20h) 1 student 440€
1 week (20h) 2 students 370€ (each)
1 week (20h) small groups 310€

Cultural courses

1 week (20h in the morning) 1 student 480€ – $600
1 week (20h in the morning) 2 students 400€ – $500 (each)
1 week (20h in the morning) small groups 320€ – $450 (each)

Accomodation prices

Guest House (with courses)

1 week (7 nights & breakfast) 1 student 350€
1 week (7 nights & breakfast) 2 students 560€

Vacation – House prices from 15 of October to 15 of April

Trulli & Guest House: 1 week 130€ (per night)
Trulli & Guest House: Additional week(s) 90€ (per night)

Trulli (only): 1 week 100€ (per night)
Trulli (only): Additional week(s) 80€ (per night)

Vacanza – House prices from 15 of April to 15 of October (except August)

Trulli & Guest House: 1 week 170€ (per night)
Trulli & Guest House: Additional week(s) 130€ (per night)

Trulli (only): 1 week 140€ (per night)
Trulli (only): Additional week(s) 110€ (per night)

Special offers: Yes


How to enroll and confirm your place in a course

  • Fill out the enrollment form online and send it to Casa delle Culture by email
  • Pay 200 € in advance by bank transfer in Euro.. Once payment has been received, I will send you an email confirming your enrollment. You can pay the outstanding balance for the course/accommodation within 30 days from the beginning of your course


How to pay

International bank transfer in Euros: important – please remember to specify your first and last name, the total number of people, and the period of the Course/Accommodation you have chosen when filling out the bank transfer details.

It is the student’s/guest’s responsibility to cover all bank and postal charges.

Account name: Cinzia Ferulli
Bank: Banca Unicredit di Martina Franca
IBAN: IT66B0200878932000420067585

  • Terms & conditions of Casa delle Culture

  • The minimum required age to subscribe to any of our Italian language courses is 18
  • Subscriptions are valid from the moment the deposit+membership fee have been received. Membership is valid for 12 months and cannot be used by other persons
  • Students should subscribe for Italian courses at least 30 days before the start of the course. Last Minute subscriptions may be taken into consideration, depending on the time of year and course availability
  • In case of cancellation of bookings, it is necessary to notify Casa delle Culture by email or by recorded delivery no later than 15 days before the start of the course
  • Deposits cannot be reimbursed but can be reused for future courses in the same or following year, after renewing the membership fee
  • Reimbursements and reductions are not available in the event of late arrivals or early departures. Individual English lessons can be postponed as long as a 24 hour warning is given; failure to do so will result in the student being charged for the lesson
  • The homestay accommodation is available from the Sunday before the start of the course until 11:00 A.M. on the Saturday after the end of the course
  • Casa delle Culture is not responsible for students in the event of accidents, injuries, illness, lost or stolen belongings or any other types of damage
  • In the event of any challenges or disputes, Genoa City Court will have jurisdiction



European health cards are valid for all European citizens, while non-EU citizens are advised to arrange for health insurance in their own country.


All non-EU citizens wishing to enter Italy require visas, which are obtained through the Italian Embassy in their own country.

For information regarding visas for study reasons we recommend consulting the following websites:

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