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Casa delle Culture

The Art of Making Language, Culture, and Cooking Meet

Learn Italian, also online, an authenthic “Tasty” italian experience. In Italy or in U.S.A

Wherever you come from, welcome to Casa delle culture… where you will live an authentic Italian experience, in Homestay, learn Italian language, Italian culture, and Italian cooking in an interesting, effective, and enjoyable manner.

I will personally greet you with a warm welcome , in our beloved trullos in Cisternino in Puglia from the end of May to August, and in Norman (Oklahoma) from September to April. In Cisternino, all year round you can enroll in your Italian language, culture course, and Italian Cooking Course.

If this is the type of experience you are looking for, just choose and enroll in your Course (for study, CILS e CELI exams, work, travel, or just personal enjoyment).

Who I am

Hello, my name is Cinzia. I’m your teacher. Teaching has always been a Passion for me, and also a challenge

My professional history:

  • For more than 20 years I have been teaching both Italian as a second language and English language and literature
  • I am a CELI (Università di Perugia) and CILS (Università di Siena) examiner
  • Specialized in alphabetization and preparation for Italian exams

In Bologna, Firenze, and Genova , I worked for vocational-technical schools, for English schools, and at Brown University campus in Bologna (2004-2011). I worked as a lecturer and I was in charge of the didactics and cultural activities.

Recent professional trainings:

  • “Communication skills in order to achieve effective and active communication with students” (Bologna 2010)
  • “Teaching Human Rights” (SIOI of Roma, in Assisi, November 2014)
  • “Teaching Human Rights to children and adolescents” (Genova 2015)

Why learning with me

  • Because every student’s needs are my priority
  • Because my communicative and inductive teaching approach is tailor-made to fit each student’s needs
  • Because I am a professional, fully qualified teacher skilled in encouraging and making it easier for students to learn a second language
  • Because you can continue learning with me by taking a further course on Skype
  • Because Cisternino (in Apulia) is the ideal place for a vacation study, a wellness holiday, a work retreat in the centuries-old olive groves in Valle d’Itria
  • Because learning Italian in Norman means to live an authentic Italian experience with my family

Where we are

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